Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LIFE.... !!!

Life, What is life ?

The cry of a new born baby,
                or the laugh of a kid,
the energy of a youth,
                or the ambition of a new graduate,
the contentment of a happily married daughter's father,
                or the faith of the grandparents...
Why do we aspire something,
                which will soon get destroyed,
Why do we strive for someone,
                who will soon be separated,
Why are we happy about some possession,
                which will soon be lost,
Why do we love this life,
                which will soon be demolished,
Where do we find Life,
                and where are we ought to,
How much should we treasure Life,
                and how much be detached to,
These questions may never be answered,
                if we can't answer,

Life, What is life ?

                                 ------ Ayush Jain

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Entering the new decade.....

Its been a while now, since I wrote anything. Well, my last post was in November, it doesn't mean I didn't come across anything worth writing, but I have been lazy....;-).
Anyways, for me, the life has been kind of ok. Now is the time to fix things up. I have been very very lazy these days. But from now on I will try to manage well, coz I know it very well that if I lose this ongoing time, I will have to regret for it later. Everyone here is busy with something or the other and here I am sitting and wondering, may be I should have thought of some other career option..... hehe.... really computers are just not my thing...
But, some people suggest that everyone goes through this kind of phase. We just need to stay positive and of course, start something worthwhile. This has not been my kind till now. The life here in the last couple of years has changed me a lot. I used to be a guy who used to plan almost everything before doing anything, and now this is me, I hardly remember, the last time I used my tiny diary. Yes, this is what engineering does to you... beware !!.. But at the same time I believe that it is fine, after all now I somehow seem to be learning to handle things at the last moment. But really doing that always is not satisficing....
So, for me, I guess its time to change now, again.... And this time for my own good, I may sound selfish, but at times we have to be so. As they always say,
"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. "
Bill Cosby
Well, now I need to give people a second chance, and I will begin with myself now....
Nothing much to write now...
First Internal Exams coming up from tomorrow...