Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What am I up to?

I came across my friend Deepak's blog and something interesting caught my attention. He has a specific page that tells about what he is doing now. His inspiration for such a page has been It is interesting and surprising to see that this /now page is a revolution! I went to Deepak's Now page (link here) and decided to write a blog post about it and to also create a similar page for myself.
Well, recently I have been tied up and have not been able to manage my time well. But I am slowly getting back on track. I have been using to help me track my time and of course and have been my favorite tools.

Wunderlist is well, a To Do list and Pocket helps you bookmark your links and manage them better to revisit them and hence manage your learning better.

I keep myself occupied with Business Analysis, Product Consulting, Product Management and learning about these all the time. Recently I also have found myself interested in knowing about what people like Elon Musk and Sam Altman are up to. I am actively following the growth of smart cars, self driven cars etc. I am also blogging at Faichi's official website. 

Oh yes, I also have been reading books and happily running Pune Book Lovers Club. I am currently reading
1. Totto Chan - English translation of a Japanese book. This book is very famous though.
2. Thinking Fast and Slow - I am very slow in reading this.
3. Zero to One - Interesting insights

I am active on Twitter these days, please follow me @ayushtweet.

Cheers till the next time!

My Poetry Sucks!

I am totally embarrassed about the stupid poetry I have put on my blog. I haven't written anything good for a long time now. I am requesting you to please don't read any poetry please? I will put a good one as soon as I write, I promise you.