Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEWS Bulletin - India in 2020….!!

  • “The policies of the government in an anticipation to increase the status of women in the society; have been the prime reason for the increasing number of male foeticide cases in the country” said Mr. Chapil Dabbal, of the opposition party. These days parents are looking forward to have a girl child so that they can easily get admission in the reputed colleges for graduation and then can easily pursue their MBA from IIMs which leads to a lucrative job offer.

  • The home ministry has called an emergency meeting of all the SPs from different states to curb the issue of eve teasing prevalent in the society so that boys also can go out freely without any terror in their minds. Please note that the meeting has resolved to come up with a solution to increasing number of harassment cases against boys. 

  • IIT Nukkadgali, being the organizer of IITJEE 2021 announced that for the application form boys will have to pay INR 5000 while girls are asked to write their bank account numbers legibly to receive INR 20000 for the same. Last year many deserving girls did not receive the money due to the account numbers wrongly entered. 

  • Sh. Munna Bechareji enters the twenty ninth day of fasting, carrying out a nationwide protest for the reservation of the General category people to be increased from 0.5 % to 1% but the government seems to be ignorant on the issue. 

  • GDP for the last fiscal quarter was at a record low of 6%. A probing committee named Bundle Commission was established to find out the reasons of the same. The committee suggests the reasons to be increasing gossiping and chatting in the offices and the decreasing motivation at the work place, especially in the middle and the higher management due to the prevalent gender imbalance male female ratio which has gone down to 623 males for every 1000 females. Finance minister Smt. Haari Beemaari said another Pundle Commission will be setup to look into the issue and suggest some reforms for the issue. 

  • UGC has passed a new rule that no engineering seat can now be converted to any other course. It had become a practice amongst the private engineering colleges to convert the unoccupied B.Tech. seats to B.Sc. seats and sell them at high donations. UGC chairman has said that this kind of activity is unethical and hence will not be tolerated, if any university is found doing so, their affiliation will be cancelled unless they do not propose a “compromisal” amount (in white only) for UGC which is negotiable according to the turnover of the university.  
Note: This article is purely for fun and names of organisations or individuals used herein are assumed imaginative which have no relevance in any way with the reality; if found so it purely will be coincidental. Also, this article does not intent to hurt the feelings of any community or individual whatsoever.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Internships and Education……BiggerRole

So many colleges, so many universities and huge number of graduates every year. But… where are the jobs ? We truly believe that our prestigious Indian economy is one of the most sound (we’ve seen that in recession) and still freshers find it difficult to find the jobs ?

Actually the truth is that our industries do produce a number of jobs every year, but we the fresh force of graduates are not capable to take them. Truly this is really sad that what we study in our colleges is not something these industries demand, and what these industries demand, is something which is not taught in colleges. Because of this, there is a very wide rift between colleges and industries which in turn fuels the issue of unemployment.

There is an acute need of revision of syllabus and curriculum in most of the courses of the colleges and universities, so that the real purpose of that course (employment and practical knowledge) is completely satisfied. But, this solution seems to be a long term (read long long long term) process, considering the amount of dedication with which our very patriotic government is busy with running (read whatever you like to e.g. loot, plunder, exploit) our nation.

In such a scenario internships seem to be a really great option because in an internship you get to work in the real time environment of the company, gain practical knowledge, apply your theoretical knowledge and gain experience as well. So, in my view one internship should be made compulsory in every educational course. This will not only increase their professional confidence but will also make them more employable. There are a number of websites on which we can find the opportunities of jobs and internships, my favourite being the BiggerRole. There are a lot of aspects in which BiggerRole helps you find the right kind of internship considering your skill set, your past experience (if any) your area of interest, your preferred place of internship etc. There are a lot of other parameters on which BiggerRole optimizes your search and helps you get an internship which is most suitable for you.

In this internet age where the gen-x is becoming more and more tech savvy day by day, we need to be more aware about opportunities around us to excel and be the best to cope with them. Otherwise, we will be lost in the crowd of thousands of people who graduate every year with a Degree in hand but, without a Joining Letter.