Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Write

This might sound a little odd but I have no clue what I am going to write about in this post. Okay, you may still read it to know what am I going to write about as you and me both get revealed to this together. Oh well, before writing this post, lets just talk. So, I would like to know how are you doing these days, what is going on at your end ? Hmm? Sorry?... 

Ohh.. How can you answer, this is not voice chat, is it? :P Hmm.. Let me think... how about you leave that as a comment? I will take up from there, thanks. Okay, yep I am doing good too, just that I am still thinking what should I write about? Experience, travel, politics, opinion, festival.... Ahh there are so many topics I can take and get myself started with any one but still I do not know. 

This is weird. :( But, has it never happened to you, that you have to select any one out of so many permutations available and you end up investing so much time in selecting one that you just lose interest in all of them? Well, happens a lot in my case. :-/ I am just afraid that this post might not end up like one of such cases. Ohh no, I will think, choose, decide and select one to get started.. I do not want you to get bored. 
Oh by the way, in case you actually are getting bored, you should check the Popular Posts on the right side block, you surely would find something interesting posts to read there. 

So, how about writing about writing? No really, I mean I am writing this blog post and here you are reading it so why not write about this itself? So, tell me why, according to you, I am writing this blog post? Yep, you can use the comment to answer. I will reply in comment itself. :) 

Actually, well, again it may sound weird, but I just am writing this to make sure that I do write something today. To get better at something, we need to ensure we do it as planned and try to make it a habit, isnt it? Only then we get better at it. Hence, in spite of being confused on the topic, I am just writing it. :)
Do let me know your thoughts about it ? in the comments of course and also give your feedback on this blogpost (only if it is good :P). :)      


  1. Writing is just not a hobby. Its an advantage that you have on others. Its not falsely said pen is mightier than sword. So one cannot undermine writing!! even if you are not one among those "National Bestsellers"!!
    Just writing simply can help to sort one's mind heavily. Once in the 8th grade my English teacher said "pen down your feelings". I understood it 4 years later.

    PS: sorry for the lengthy & rather irrelevant comment :P ...BTW can you write one post on one of our future plans during college..if you know what i mean!! Keep posting!!

  2. Hi Abhinav, how you doing? Thanks for the kind words. :) I need to recollect about our discussions in college and then write on them. Having said that, now that you do have realised, I am waiting for your blog post. :)

    PS: Long comments are always welcome. :)

  3. All is well and God is gracious... I hope the same for you too... Coming to the topic... Writing... Writing anything... Is a good habit... Though just like you, I'm still not sure what you wrote about, I must admit that you did a really good job advertising the posts on the right-side pane ;)... anyway, this is a good way to catch up with the thoughts around you... When you do that in public with mutual participation from other people... They call it brainstorming... And more often than not when you do it just alone.. They say "Pagla gaya bechara/saala"... In any case... catching up with thoughts and facts is a good thing... and I wish you all the best in this endeavor...

  4. @Vishu bhaiya: Good to know that. :) Everything is good at my end too. :P This post was indeed about "Pagalpanti" :P Good to know that you sensed it. ;)

  5. dude want yr opinion on this one..wrote it in college only..I dont know if you have read it already..made a few modifications tho! Its a little long...:p

  6. @Abhinav: Check your blog comment :)