Monday, August 1, 2011

Internships and Education……BiggerRole

So many colleges, so many universities and huge number of graduates every year. But… where are the jobs ? We truly believe that our prestigious Indian economy is one of the most sound (we’ve seen that in recession) and still freshers find it difficult to find the jobs ?

Actually the truth is that our industries do produce a number of jobs every year, but we the fresh force of graduates are not capable to take them. Truly this is really sad that what we study in our colleges is not something these industries demand, and what these industries demand, is something which is not taught in colleges. Because of this, there is a very wide rift between colleges and industries which in turn fuels the issue of unemployment.

There is an acute need of revision of syllabus and curriculum in most of the courses of the colleges and universities, so that the real purpose of that course (employment and practical knowledge) is completely satisfied. But, this solution seems to be a long term (read long long long term) process, considering the amount of dedication with which our very patriotic government is busy with running (read whatever you like to e.g. loot, plunder, exploit) our nation.

In such a scenario internships seem to be a really great option because in an internship you get to work in the real time environment of the company, gain practical knowledge, apply your theoretical knowledge and gain experience as well. So, in my view one internship should be made compulsory in every educational course. This will not only increase their professional confidence but will also make them more employable. There are a number of websites on which we can find the opportunities of jobs and internships, my favourite being the BiggerRole. There are a lot of aspects in which BiggerRole helps you find the right kind of internship considering your skill set, your past experience (if any) your area of interest, your preferred place of internship etc. There are a lot of other parameters on which BiggerRole optimizes your search and helps you get an internship which is most suitable for you.

In this internet age where the gen-x is becoming more and more tech savvy day by day, we need to be more aware about opportunities around us to excel and be the best to cope with them. Otherwise, we will be lost in the crowd of thousands of people who graduate every year with a Degree in hand but, without a Joining Letter.


  1. Very true.. In fact sometimes people with good skill set also fail to get a job of their standards due to lack of awareness..

  2. Really there are a few things which need to change..

  3. Liked the idea of changing of syllabus and curriculum but that seems to be too much to mask for...!

  4. Amit: I know, that is something far from reality..